Let’s Live Pretty

After experiencing the heartbreak of losing a loved one, I realized how a simple act of kindness goes a long way.  So I decided to begin a new personal journey; to be good, do good, and to live pretty.

A change to what you may ask? That's a question that will be revealed in time.

I would like to welcome anyone who would like to join me on this adventure.  The more the merrier!  By sharing our experiences, we create greater results.  We help spread the word to those who aren't sure how they can help within their own communities.  We can guide each other and in turn inspire, and encourage one another to making these differences.

I want to see your journeys, take part in them, and share mine as well!  Send me your ideas, adventures, and good deeds!

Posts will be made of our journeys near and far.  Nothing is unattainable nothing is worthless.  It is al valued and appreciated, no matter how great or small.

Together we will start making a change.  Together we can Be and Do good.  Together we can Live Pretty.

So lets begin.

Let's Live Pretty